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In 1999 within French-Georgian co-production (producer: Irakli Nadareishvili), with the assistance of the International Culture Development Foundation “Tato” and featuring French ballet masters Daniel Larios and Pasqualine Verie the director-producer Tamaz Vashakidze, the artistic director of “New Georgian Ballet of Tamaz Vashakidze” theatre of modern dance, created the first truly Georgian modern dance style performance “Anbani”, based on national folk traditions and authentic melodics.

On the same year of 1999 the performance was presented at the International Montpellier Dance Festival, France. The French press tagged it “Start of a new day”. It was exactly the performance “Anbani” that for the first time in Georgian history combined classic ballet, Georgian poetry, modern music and lyrics, drama, pantomime, Georgian chants, modern dance and modern ballet.

The project also featured: composer Gogi Dzodzuashvili, poet Rati Amaglobeli, playwriter Lasha Bugadze, designer Simon Machabeli, as well as artists Nato Murvanidze, Eka Chkheidze, Georgi Nakashidze, Zaal Chikobava and Ramaz Gemiashvili.

Video clips

The video available here from the film directed by Salome Dadunashvili and produced for Georgian TV, shows the performance of the “Anbani” project creative team at the Montpellier Festival.

Expert's opinion

I used to visit Georgia and only can say that Tamaz Vashakidze managed to wonderfully translate Georgian spirit in his creation. I’m happy I could see the performance.

Dieter Tanike, Director General of the Theatre Festival in Hamburg and Ganov

Tamaz Vashakidze has charmed with extraordinary energy and breath-taking beauty of movements.

Nathalie Vim, Deputy Director General of the Avignon Festival

I believe that the most difficult is to make the spectators of the Montpellier Festival to remember you. Georgians managed to do that. I’m very glad for them. This means that AFFA had made the right decision having supported this project.

Claire Verlet, Chief Manager of dance and theatre programs at AFFA